Publications and Presentations


"How To Make a Friend in 3 Days or Less"

Self-published book, 2013


"How to Get The Price You Need Without The Hassle"

Helps estimators to estimate and invoice projects so adjusters are happy paying the bill.
PowerPoint presentation at the Xactware User Conference 2011
Grand American Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah
February, 2011


“Maximizing Efficiency and Profitability Through the Proper Application And Use of Xactimate®”

Teaches restoration estimators how to bid projects properly and still make money.
PowerPoint presentation at the ASCR (RIA) Convention,
Denver, Colorado, November, 2006


“Maximizing Efficiency and Profitability Through the Proper Application And Use of Xactimate®”

Teaches restoration estimators how to bid projects properly and still make money.
Paper prepared for Certified Restorer Certification, 2006. 


"How To Manipulate Your Boss, Spouse, Parents and Other Unsuspecting Adults"

Outlines the techniques that will help people want to do what you want, even if they know what you are doing.
Seminar, Provo, Utah, 1998


"How To Become a Benevolant Dictator"

Details how to become a respected leader with loyal followers.
Seminar, Provo, Utah, 1998


Articles posted on Disaster Survival Tips


"How Companies Document Jobs Without Really Trying"

Tips on how successful companies easily document jobs and protect themselves from lawsuits.


"How Owners Can Document Losses Without Really Trying"

Suggestions for home owners to properly document losses without too much effort.


"Getting Paid in a Timely Manner"

Details 8 simple steps to help adjusters write the check quicker.


"Mold Coverage and Insurance Policies"

Outlines the different coverage for mold remediation as well as how much insurance companies usually pay for covered losses.


"Mold - What is it and How Does It Affect Us?"

This article cuts through many misconceptions of what mold is and the adverse health effects that can accompany it.


"Mold - Where and How Does It Grow?"

Teaches you where mold grows, why mold grows and how to prevent mold from growing.


"Mold - How Do You Clean It Up and Keep It From Coming Back?"

Explains the industry protocols for mold remediation, employee protection and steps needed to prevent mold from returning.


"Mold Myths"

This article debunks several popular mold myths with concrete, practical information.


“What Will My Insurance Company Cover In a Fire?”

Describes the way most insurance policies deal with fires, what is covered and what is not.


“The Science Of Drying A Structure”

A scientific approach, in layman’s terms, of how to dry a building after a flood; including the methods and equipment that should be employed.


“What Do You Do After A Fire?”

Six practical suggestions or steps to take immediately after you have a fire in your home.


“How To Spot A Bad Contractor”

Explains why some contractors are better than others and how you can weed out the undesirable ones.


“Understanding And Preventing Ice Damming”

Describes the causes of ice damning and how you can stop it from happening to your home.


“When Do I Need A Public Adjuster”

Explains what a Public Adjuster is, how they differ from an Insurance Company Adjuster, and when it would be advisable to hire a PA.


“Tis The Season For Fires”

This teaches you the most common causes of fires during the holiday seasons and how to protect you and your home.


“Preventing Frozen Pipes”

Chronicles the typical reasons and locations where pipes freeze.


“Tips To Prevent Flood And Water Damage”

Gives you the signs to look for that warn you a water loss is about to occur so you can prevent the heartache of a water loss.


“What Will My Insurance Cover In A Water Loss?”

Since each insurance company is different, this article explains various insurance policies and how they cover water damage.


”Four Rules To Survive A Disaster”

Four simple rules, if followed, will make any disaster easier to handle.