The Mefferds and Their Kin -Table of Contents


The Mefferds and Their Kin


By Margerite E. Robinson


In Memory of my beloved

Grandmother, Susan Jane

(Mefferd) Lindsey


Published May 1977


(This version has notes and updates by David L. Mefford. 

Changes and additions have been noted and/or italicized.)


(Photo of Susan Mefford Lindsey)





The Franks


The name assumed in the third century, A.D. by a Confederation of German tribes.  It was divided by the 4th century into three groups, The Catti, the Ripurain Franks (dwelling near Cologne) and the Salian Franks (dwelling along the lower Rhine).  The Merovingian monarchy of the Salian Franks was established in north Gaul under Clovis (481-511).



The Mefferts were of Frankish extraction.[1]


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[1] (There is some new research that may indicate that the Mefferts were actually French  and went by the name Meffard.  They would have migrated from western France into the Rhine River area prior to the birth of Johannes Heinrich Meffert in 1634.  -dlm)