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Kiersti Pehrsdoter’s Birth Record 

Literal Translation: 

On the 31st of Dec, (1775,) born to this world (a Scandinavian expression we still use like
“came into this world”) the houseman Pehr Larsson’s and his wife Ingeborg Matsdoter’s,
little daughter, Kiersti.

Wife Karna Martens D(oter): Carried her to the christening N: Kierstina Witnesses:
(Can’t see the name but it’s Pehr's son, Hans Matsson’s wife, Bengta Nilsdoter) and Måns Mats(son).

So you see here is no doubt about it with a name like Matsdoter, Hans and Måns have to be Ingeborg’s brothers. 
This document takes us one step further back on Kiersti’s line too. So we now have Pehr Larsson and
Ingeborg Matsdoter, parents of Kiersti, who is mother of Karna Nilsdoter,
who is mother of Ingeborg Pärsson (Trulsdotter, Pehrsson)

Kiersti Phrsdoter's Birth Announcement


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