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Original meaning of Meffert, Mefferd, Mefford, Mifford, etc.:
German and Dutch: from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements
mahti ‘strength’, ‘might’ + frithu ‘peace’.

From: The Dictionary of American Family Names, by Patrick Hanks

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The German Meffords
by Betty Lou Mefford

The Mefferds and Their Kin
by Marguerite Robinson



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I remember as a youth, sitting in my fourth grade class on Veteran's Day, when the teacher asked who had relatives that had served in any of our country's wars. I was embarrassed because I knew of no one.  To my knowledge, all of my ancestors had been farmers or blacksmiths. None of them had honored their country or me by serving bravely to defend our freedom.

Now as a man and our family having done considerable research, I know that I had at least two Meffords serve in the Civil War. My great, great, great uncle, Sylvester Mefford, died at Mars Hill, Arkansas, and James M. Mefford, my great, great, great grandfather was captured by the Rebels but escaped before arriving at Andersonville Prison. I also had at least a dozen ancestors serve in the Revolutionary War. Not to mention the probability of those who served in Germany during the Thirty Years War when the Swedes besieged Wachenbuchen, Prussia for months in the early 1600's.

What a legacy of bravery, heroism and courage I have. I hope and pray that the information contained here can teach and motivate not only my children, but many of the tens of thousands of descendents of these courageous individuals who risked all they possessed, even their lives, to preserve the freedoms we now enjoy. 

David L. Mefford


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