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Military Record of Peter Madsen

November 1958

Concerning your inquiry on the 10th of this month, the Archives wish to inform you from the Vital Statistic Record 1824, town of Tavlov Co., Vejle, Amt,. one Mads Peterson, son of Peter Madsen, born and brought up at Studsdal, the 6th of April the same year. In the year 1846 when he lived in Bredstrup he was enlisted into the Infantry and was from the 30th of May 1846 until 2nd October 1847 serving with the 6th Battalion in Copenhagen. The Battalion's Records describe him to be 64 inches tall, medium build, grey eyes, dark hair. His father was dead before 1846 because the record only names the mother who was described as a "housewife of Tavlov Nebel-". Under the Danish-German war of 1848-1850 he was called in 30 March 1848 to the 6th Battalion and was moved with the battalion to Sundved where the 28th of May he participated in the Battle of Nybol.

The 26th of August an Armistice was declared and during that Armistice Peter Madsen was sent home until the spring of 1849 when the war broke out again; that year the Battalion fought by Ejstrup the 23rd of April and by Vejle the 7th and 8th of May and participated in the protection of the stronghold at Fredericia the 6th of July in that bloody battle with the enemy. After this the Danish saw the victory with the whole enemy beaten and the Prussians pulled themselves out of the war and the Armistice was again declared under which he was again sent home.

The Census of 1st of February 1850 for Bredstrup Co., the following is indicated from #3, one house, Peter Madsen, 26 years, Married, born in Tavlov Co., Occupation small landowner and wooden shoe maker, Mary Anna, Mads daughter, 34 years, born Bredstrup, his wife. Mads Peter Petersen, 2 years, born in Bredstrup.

When the war with Holsteiners broke out he was called in the 22 of May 1850, but under this expedition he did not get to participate in the 6th Battalion's battles because for a long periods he had been sick and was hospitalized as a result of the war, with (note: ricidiverende, may be medical term or may possibly mean repeated) fever, and boils and other things. At the end of the war he was sent home on the 13th of February 1851.

The Vital Statistics for Bredstrup indicate that he, on the 11th of November 1853 got a permit to move to Copenhagen; but information was sent back from Copenhagen with the comment that he was not included in the vital statistics there because he had traveled to America. This, therefore, indicates that he migrated in the latter part of 1853 or beginning of 1854.

In 1876 he was permitted to receive the memorial medal which was then distributed for participation in the War of 1849-1850, and in 1907 it is noted that he was awarded the life honorary gift of 100 crowns yearly. (note: probably then about $25 he thought). A chart of his birthplace is enclosed. Information is given free.

Thomas Hojland Christensen
Chief Lieutenant

Military record of Peter Madsen, from Herrens Archives --- Slottagard Kobenhaben Denmark.

Received by Parley William Madsen Jr. Nov. 1958


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