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Provo 2nd Ward Records

Family History Library, film #0026324,



---- Persons




When Born

Where Baptized

By Whom Confirmed

Samuel Jackson

Seoesbey City



March 10, 1816

Nov 8th 1849

Richard Ramsell

Hannah Jackson




Oct 29,


Feb 25th 1850



When Re-baptized

When Confirmed and Who

Which Quorum

By Whom Baptized

By Whom Re-Baptized


Sept 4th 1852

Jabez Nowlin

A.H. Scott


J Bell

Jabez Nowlin

Thomas and Mary Ann Jackson

Sept 4th 1852

John Loveless


Richard Ramsell

Abslom Dowdle

James and Ann Holt


I have taken the information in the record and entered it into this table to be easier to read. I have carefully examined the text and compared the information to that which we have from other sources. 


Some may be confused at the different spellings in the places of birth than are found in other records. Having been to England myself, I can understand that an Englishman instead of pronouncing Shrewsbury as shrus' berry, would say shoes' bry; almost as one syllable. The same is true for the county, Shropshire. Americans say shrop' shire, while the English say srop' shur; again, almost as one syllable. And with Staffordshire; we say staf' ferd shire', they say staf ferd shur'. If you were an American, listening to an Englishman who may or may not know how to spell what he was saying, you would probably spell it closer to the pronunciation than to the actual spelling, as it is here.

David L. Mefford



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