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Will of Samuel Jackson

Transcribed from a photocopy of the original retaining the spelling and capitalization. I have made the assumption that the photocopy did not copy the punctuation and therefore have added the correct punctuation.

Know all Men by these Presents, that I Samuel Jackson, Sr., of Beaver County, Utah Territory, being of sound Mind and Memory, Do hereby of my own free will and choice and being unrestrained and free from all coercion, Give, devise and bequeath all my Real and personal property, the same being situated in said County and Territory as follows, "To wit."

After all my just debts and liabilities are paid and my Funeral and Burial expenses and the expenses of my last sickness are paid, I give and bequeath to my wife, Hannah Jackson, all of her individual property such as clothing, bedding and furniture and she is to remain in my House and upon the Homestead so long as she lives, if she sees fit, and is to have one fourth of the annual profits of the Farm for her support.

I give and bequeath unto Samuel Jackson, Jr., all of my land situate upon my Homestead and lying South of what is known as the "Spring Branch." Also the House and Lot where he now resides (said Lot being about one acre of ground.) Also 3 1/2 acres of Meadow land, South of North Field, and one City Lot in Beaver City on the Bench were my Shop used to stand, and one frame building near Perry and Jackson Drug Store in Beaver City, Utah.

I give and Bequeath to Joseph Jackson, all my land and Houses and appurtenances situate upon my Homestead North of aforesaid Spring Branch, except the house and Lot heretofore bequeathed to Samuel Jackson; my "Livery Stable" and Lot upon which it stands situated in Beaver City near to and West of the New County Jail and all appurtenances thereto belonging.

And I hereby give and bequeath to Samuel and Joseph Jackson jointly all of my personal property of every description, kind and nature, to be divided equally between them, if they can agree upon such division - if not, the same is to be divided between them by my Executor, Equally, share and share alike. I hereby appoint John Ward Christian, my sole Executor for the purpose of carrying into effect the foregoing Will dated this 8th day of February A.D. 1878. (All in---- and erasures & corrections made before signing.)

Signed in presence of Edward Slaughter
And Samuel A Slaughter
Territory of Utah
County of Beaver
Samuel Jackson

I, the undersigned Clerk of the Probate Court of Beaver County-Utah Territory, Do hereby Certify that the foregoing Will of Samuel Jackson senior, (deceased) was on the 31 day of December, 1879, duly approved upon legal Notice in open Court and approved and allowed by the Court upon the following facts giving in evidence by the subscribing witnesses thereto, that said Samuel Jackson "deceased" did on or about the 26th day of December, 1879 at Beaver County, Utah Territory, that he executed his last will and Testament on or about the 8th day of February, 1878 at said Co. & Terr. That at said time last aforesaid, the said deceased was of sound Mind and Memory and of disposing Mind and Memory. That he was about the age of fifty years o ----- That at the time of the execution of said Will he was not under any restraint or undue influence or fraudulent representation. In Witness Whereof, I have here unto set my hand and seal of the Probate

Court of Beaver County.
This 31st Day of December 1979
Recorded January 26th 1885
E Tolton, Deputy Recorder
Wm F------------, Clerk


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